Venezuela 2019 News

hello my friends, what is next step in the war internal in venezuela?

Juan Guaido, invite out street today, continue remove mature, but the question is, who win, venezuela, guaido or mature.
The group lima, suggestion conversations and no war no kill people, Mexico, is neutral opinion,
only five scenaries in the best case

1.-New elections the win are new president venezuela
2.-Maduro can go jail
3.-Guaido can go jail
4.-Maduro can death
5.-Guaido can death

in the best case, the best option is no war, no violency, no kill, the best is mature remove position as president and option 1 of form pacific.

but all is plan, for a New order World, Latin America, are you ruled left, the time of right is finished, can we look at europe, Mexico, brazil, ukraine how is the win left, the plan is all world, is gobernament left,

where the plan is that there is no violence, there is prosperity, zero poverty, only that way they can impose the new world order, the changes do not come overnight, with the passage of time they are formed, Venezuela is just one more piece of the puzzle, that the world elite needs to accommodate in their favor, and then the checkmate comes, you have simulation, people refuse to believe the most obvious because it is so simple and easy to discover, and they go to other theories, Venezuela does not will fall, the left government will remain, but after this peace will come to Venezuela, being the first country, to demonstrate that violence can be stopped, and will be the watershed as an example throughout the world of the model to follow to get out of the problems that they live.

Here the most interested is the United States, he wants everything, oil, gold, because what nobody knows is the great debt he has with China and he wants to charge himself to pay, because he does not help Yemen, Africa, the interest has feet, and States united will lose the great orchestra of coup d’etat, against mature.

As Cuba has suffered the attacks from the US, Venezuela will resist, but needs to open borders and not depend on the US if it wants to survive.

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