Amazon open store in Israel

Amazon open store in Israel, Amazon one of the largest internet retail and wholesale businesses of different categories, has opened its first store in Israel, Israel the blessed land, where the best technology is produced and day by day innovations are the order of the day,

with this the local businesses can sell to all the world at an impressive speed, if you always wanted to buy an article from Israel, now it will be much easier, less risky, and safer because now Amazon has arrived in Israel,

is the first step of many that Amazon prepares, if everything is a success, that most surely is that yes, many other companies such as ebay, mercadolibre will want to enter and be part and put their facilities in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel.

Amazon, like every business has its rules, and has asked merchants who wish to be part of to send orders up to 5 days, and they will take care of the delivery logistics

It’s great to know that Amazon is now in Israel, the bad thing is that for us on this side in the Americas, we have to wait for the results of Amazon’s behavior in Israel,
if Amazon anywhere that opens starts allowing local shipments, after a while it allows shipping to other countries so for the moment it will be time to wait, hopefully it will be a success and so we can access the many articles that Israel offers.

Israel is known for its dairy products, its oils, its very nice and recognized flag all over the world, its food that although it is not based on meat has its peculiarities, according to Amazon in 6 months they would give the option of being able to send articles to all the world, so prepare your shekell, which is official currency of Israel, to pay for the next items you want, who would say that the distances would be nothing thanks to Amazon, a click away.

Welcome Amazon to Israel.

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